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Karchy; Wishlist Anything.. From Any Site.. Instantly
Wishlist Anything.. From Any Site.. Instantly
Sharing everything you want with friends and family just got super easy

Welcome To Karchy

A place to create Gift Wishlists from Any Website with the click of a button.
Install the Karchy Extension from the Chrome Store (it's free, fast and easy, but you need to be using the Google Chrome browser). Then Karchy is always in your browser, and you can simply Click On it when you want any item from any website.
Tell Karchy how much you really want this item, select a picture, add the price, and instantly it can be seen by all your friends and family. Again, it doesn't matter which website your on.
Open your WishList on Karchy.ca where you can sort your items, create custom wishlists, and add friends to see them. When a friend makes a purchase, they mark the item as sold so other friends do not double purchase! The owner of the WishList can never see which items have been bought.

Who Can Use Karchy?

Everyone of course :) Karchy makes it easy to WishList any Item on any Website without having to copy & paste URL's into Emails or Word documents to send to friends.

Its always there, it never gets lost, and all your friends can view your list at anytime to make the perfect purchase at Christmas, Birthday's, Anniversary's, Wedding's and much More.

This is especially great for parents/grandparents with children. Once your setup, its super easy for kids to make their wishlists.

Before you get started please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement.

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